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You might remember that when we used to go to school, we always felt that our textbooks had so many words, which didn’t make sense. We couldn’t relate to them and hence we could not enjoy the lessons. For example, in history, we couldn’t see, let alone touch and feel the inscriptions or coins that the book mentioned. We learnt about them only as words. Many a time, plain facts and analytical explanations were detailed when we, as children, were waiting for something that would inspire us or capture our imagination. Similarly, we always saw grammar as a set of rules to be memorized and couldn’t figure out why people came up with such rules. In Geography we couldn’t figure out where the places were, because either maps were not given in the book or the map would not show all the places mentioned in the lesson. So, we tried to imagine these things ourselves. Often, we simply gave up since it was too difficult to imagine and visualize. Our teachers too could not help us since they did not have the resources to help us visualize.


The Poorana project tries to create an environment that helps make the learning process enjoyable for both teachers and children. For every lesson, we create supplementary resources that teachers themselves could use to get immersed in the topic and help children get more involved in learning. The resources could be in the form of colourfully illustrated booklets, 3-d models, and activities that would help get as close to experiencing as possible.

Poorana began in academic year 2004-05. Teachers’ and children’s response over the last five years have made us happy and filled us with energy. They tell us that they really have found the experiences, methods and resources inspiring, useful and necessary for learning.

This project is meant for higher primary classes (5th to 7th). It is based on the objectives of the Karnataka state board curriculum and covers Kannada Language and Social Studies subjects. Poorana is being implemented in a mix of rural and urban, government and private schools.

Project Design

There is a 2-day workshop for teachers at the beginning of the academic year. The workshops are designed to be experiential. The content of the workshops is related to kannada language and Social Studies subjects.

Every month, materials tailored to that month's lessons are delivered to the participating teachers/schools in the ratio of 1 per every children. Dhwani Resource persons visit Bengalooru schools every month. During these schools visits, we orient teachers on the resources created by Dhwani for that month. We also get feedback from the teachers on their experiences with the previous month's supporting materials in terms of their usage and children's responses. Teachers also give specific requirements or suggestions. At the end of the academic year, an annual feedback meeting of teachers is held to get a complete perspective of the project implementation during the year. This session gives all the participating teachers an opportunity to share their experiences with each other.

Material Content

The Poorana Basket of supporting materials help:

  • The teacher conduct activities mentioned in the textbook and some others designed by Dhwani
  • The child absorb concepts in the lesson
  • Expand the child's mental horizon in general
  • Deepen teachers' subject matter knowledge

A given month's Poorana basket of materials is a subset of the following:

  1. Sanchike - booklet of colourful photographs and pictures illustrating concepts, locations and other elements of learning given in the lesson
  2. Prerana Kaagada - Inspiration or Activity sheets to help children explore and experience learning points
  3. Adhyayana Saamagri - Study material for teachers on the month's lessons to deepen their knowledge in the relevant topics
  4. 3-d models/replicas which give the children touch and feel for key historical artifacts
  5. Maestra Katte - a newsletter cum resource magazine for project teachers
  6. Cassettes of poems
  7. Other booklets purchased from the market

Everything is free for all the participating schools, teachers and children.Dhwani suggests alternatives on usage of the materials. But, teachers decide how and when to use the materials depending on their ability, teaching style and comfort level.


Poorana-Mitra is an extension of the Poorana project in which many teachers pay Dhwani a token donation of Rs.250 per annum each and receive 3 copies of all printed resources every month. For Poorana-Mitra teachers, the annual workshop is not compulsory.

Scope of Poorana

Poorana is being implemented in 25 selected schools spread over six districts of Karnataka. A total of about 80 teachers and 3300 children participate in this initiative. There are over 90 members in Poorana-Mitra.