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The Poorana project for higher primary classes inspired teachers and schoolheads to request Dhwani to start a similar project for lower primary classes (1st to 4th). Dhwani team too had the same idea on its roadmap. Thus began the project Aarambha in the academic year 2006-07. In this project, we support lower-primary teachers with supplementary methods and materials for the subjects of Kannada Language, Environmental Studies (EVS) and Drawing.


Project Design

Aarambha is designed with an integrated approach which blurs rigid divisions between subjects. A given resource could stimulate language, environmental and artistic abilities of the child. The Aarambha Basket of supporting materials help children:

  • get familiar with their immediate environment – plants, animals, birds etc through activities and visually appealing colourful resources
  • develop basic abilities/traits like pattern recognition, searching, assembling, etc
  • feel happy by drawing, colouring, painting
  • to listen and develop language skills
  • to listen and relate small stories
  • learn the alphabet through many playful activities

Material Content

A given month's Aarambha basket of materials is a subset of the following:

  1. Sanchike (Booklet)
  2. 3-d models to give a touch and feel experience of learning points in the lesson
  3. Cassettes of sounds, rhymes and poems
  4. Activities and Games which will help the child experience and absorb

Everything is free for all the participating schools, teachers and children.Dhwani suggests alternatives on usage of the materials. But, teachers decide how and when to use the materials depending on their ability, teaching style and comfort level.


Aarambha-Mitra is an extension of the Aarambha project in which many teachers pay Dhwani a token donation of Rs.250 per annum each and receive 2-5 copies of all printed resources every month. For Aarambha-Mitra teachers, the annual workshop is not compulsory.

Scope of Aarambha

Aarambha is being implemented in 25 selected schools spread over six districts of Karnataka. A total of about 85 teachers and 3400 children participate in this initiative. There are about 220 members in Aarambha-Mitra, out of which about 80 are part of the education program of Mobility India in Chamarajanagara district.